Cross-Account CodeCommit and CodePipeline in AWS

What is CI/CD? Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, or CI/CD, is a software development approach that entails automatically creating, testing, and deploying software to a production environment, as well as routinely integrating code changes into a central repository. The CI/CD pipeline enables consistent, dependable, and effective testing and deployment of code changes. Additionally, it makes […]

Assessing Your Cloud Readiness with AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

Introduction Undeniably, the cloud has revolutionized how businesses operate, allowing them to access virtually unlimited resources on demand. And with a better understanding of the cloud benefits, more and more businesses are considering joining the bandwagon. While it is heartening to see this trend of eager cloud adoption, it is equally painful to see unexpected […]

Securing Your AWS Migration: Best Practices for Security Baselining

AWS provides a robust set of security features and services to help customers secure their applications and data in the cloud. One of the key components of AWS security is the AWS Security Baseline, which is a set of best practices and guidelines for securing AWS environments. In this article, we will discuss the AWS […]

AWS Control Tower: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Landing Zone

Creating an efficient, secure and cost-effective cloud environment is one of the top priorities of most IT teams today. This can be achieved with the help of a Landing Zone, which is an automated architecture for centralizing the management and governance of an AWS environment. In this blog, we will discuss what a Landing Zone […]