Our Services

Our Services

Cloud Consulting

We can swiftly evaluate your technical and business requirements to devise the most suitable roadmap for Cloud adoption. With our understanding of Cloud technology, we can manage your IT transition from physical infrastructure to Cloud. Our solutions are both cost-effective and scalable.

  • Respond to your business needs quickly with simplified and agile IT
  • Take advantage of the simplified 'pay-as-you-use' cost structure for your IT

BIG DATA Consulting

We can help you plan, configure, install and run your BIG DATA deployment, that is optimized to achieve your business goals. Irrespective of the technology you're using, our team has the necessary expertise to ensure that your unique challenges are met. We can help you in dimensioning the DATA and accordingly provision the required infrastructure.

  • Save time and effort on acquiring and sustaining BIG DATA deployment skills
  • You focus on DATA ANALYSIS while we manage your BIG DATA infrastructure

Strategic IT Consulting

Through the alignment of IT adoption and deployment strategy, our strategic IT consulting services will you to create significant value and attain competitive edge through optimization. We help you to improve your IT infrastructure performance and assist you in deriving most value out of your IT expenditure.

  • IT performance management
  • IT strategy and transformation

System Integration

We help you to design and implement large IT systems through efficient integration of several smaller systems. We can also assist you in optimizing the productivity of large systems which comprise multiple IT sub systems.

  • IT system integration for custom implementation
  • Enhance performance and productivity of your heterogeneous network

Managed Services

Our managed services simplify your IT operational and investment challenges by delivering IT infrastructure and applications as completely administered services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of outsourced IT services. We provide on-site and remote IT assistance and also offer Desktop as a Service (DAAS) options.

  • Remote Infrastructure Management Service
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure management


Our experts with their hands-on experience provide valuable technology insights which can be shared with others. A lot of this sharing happens through open blogs and white papers. Beside this we also offer trainings on specific technologies whose complexity will be made simpler.

  • Training on Cloud and BIG DATA technologies for corporate teams
  • Assistance to corporate project teams for Cloud and BIG DATA related projects