AWS Partner Network; Discover the advantages from becoming a member of Amazon Partner Networks.

AWS Partner Network

What is AWS APN?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) is a designation that has been approved by AWS for a global network that includes cloud providers as well as vendors when they’ve met certain benchmarks.

The AWS Partners who are endorsed AWS Partners are able to participate in the provision of AWS cloud-based solutions and services for customers, and AWS provides the framework for technology and marketing required to create, implement and market the solutions.

Amazon is able to divide APN Partners into three categories: APN Partners into the following three categories:

  • The type of service offered (technology or consultation);
  • Expertise level provided (Partner level of expertise (Partner) the level of expertise offered (Partner Tier);
  • Additional specificizations (AWS additional specializations (AWS Partner Programs).

AWS Partners are strategic experts and builders who serve an array of clients that range from small-scale businesses to public sector organisations.

What are the advantages from having AWS Partners? AWS Partner?

AWS Partner Network AWS Partner Network has more than 100,000 members in 150 countries. The services offered by AWS Partners generally include AWS cloud consulting cloud migration, deployment databases big data, security, and monitored AWS Server services.

There are many advantages and examples of cooperating with members of the AWS Community of Partners:

The correct guidelines. AWS-endorsed cloud architects are able to access readily accessible tools and resources to create and deploy solutions using AWS. AWS platform. It can be challenging for businesses to determine which cloud service to choose or what to do about protecting their infrastructure and data on the cloud. Partnering together with AWS Partners AWS Partner removes the guesswork. Their knowledgeable DevOps team is able to successfully deploy AWS projects on the cloud, while also making sure that customers save time and cost.

One point of contact. AWS Partners can be the single customer contact during the duration of the project. As they are experts in understanding particular businesses, they are able to solve current and upcoming issues that confront customers. For instance when a project involves different technologies, companies may need to reach out to several suppliers that specialize in niche technologies. By choosing the AWS Partner for their project, users will only require contacting the Partner rather than keeping in contact with multiple service providers.

Concentrate. APN providers cover all the bases of cloud deployment projects for customers and allow them to concentrate on more pressing tasks, for example, creating the software. The APN provider usually manages all the cloud services and is equipped with tools and visualizations to resolve any AWS infrastructure-related issues that the customer might experience.

Constant optimizing. Due to the rapid change in the nature of software, security threats technology advancements, and user behavior and trends, software development for cloud computing platforms demands constant optimization. AWS partners ensure that the software is AWS partner makes sure that the software is optimised and can manage the associated cost and anticipates the changes required to stay ahead of the constantly evolving IT environment.

How do you become an AWS Partner?

AWS provides three tiers of service to recognize accredited businesses. Prior to joining an APN business must choose the Partner first. Further benefits, resources and advantages may be added as businesses move up the levels.

These are three AWS Partner levels:

  • AWS Select Tier Services Partners. These partners are certified and trained with experience in customer service.
  • AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners. This includes a team of certified and trained technical experts, who also have a proven track record of customer satisfaction.
  • Premier Tier Services Partners. They are the most knowledgeable and well-known industry experts within their respective vertical, horizontal or geographical market. They have demonstrated the success of their customers working with a variety of customers on a the scale of their business and have demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency with multiple programs that have been validated.

Once they have decided on which tier to go for, companies can begin the process to AWS partnership by visiting this AWS Service Tier page and following the steps at the at the bottom.

AWS Partner Paths

AWS Partner Paths provide an adaptable way for AWS-accredited companies to increase their involvement with AWS and to adapt to the changing requirements of their customers. They assist these companies to navigate advantages, resources and programs that are tailored to the needs of their clients.

After joining in the AWS Partner Network, organizations can sign up for the appropriate Partner Paths by accessing the AWS Partner Central portal. The registration process for the APN is possible at any time and at no cost.

Presently, AWS offers the following five Partner Paths:

  • Software Path. This path is targeted at businesses that create software that runs on or integrates with AWS.
  • Hardware Path. This is for companies that design hardware devices that can work with AWS.
  • Learning The path. This path is specifically designed for companies selling or providing AWS training.
  • Distribution Method. This path is designed for companies who are looking to recruit onboarding, assisting and supporting their partners to develop and resell AWS solutions.
  • Service Path. This path is for businesses that offer professional, consulting, and value-added resalesales. take this path.

These options are for consultants, professional managed, managed and value-added services. Partners may choose to enroll in any of the paths, or choose to join multiple depending on the offerings of their customers. Companies that have associated through the AWS APN have access to a special portal for partners that offers discounts for training along with technical and business information, as well as the right programs and benefits for their offerings.

AWS Partner programs

The Partner programs can be beneficial businesses who want to begin their own AWS-based business or to expand their offerings. They are intended to assist businesses sell their products through AWS as well as to improve their cloud capabilities and grow their offerings.

AWS’ Partner program includes the following programs: provided by AWS and are split into 3 categories.

Programmes to build AWS-based businesses

  • APN Customer Engagement (ACE). This program lets companies securely collaborate and offer sales opportunities to AWS.
  • AWS SaaS Factory. This application assists businesses in their software as service ( SaaS) journey. This can include creating the next generation of AWS products, enhancing SaaS solutions, or transferring current applications onto AWS. AWS platform.
  • AWS Partner Transformation. This is a training and assessment program that offers AWS partners with direction in the acceleration and advancement of AWS cloud-related skills.
  • AWS Marketplace Channel. This program helps APNs to expand their customer base improve their costs, make customer deals, and offer benefits towards AWS customers.
  • AWS Device Qualification. APNs use this software to ensure that their hardware is qualified to be a part of their devices to be included in the AWS Partner Device Catalog. A range of devices, like development kits cameras, embedded systems Edge servers, Industrial PCs thin clients and PLCs, can be certified.
  • The Well-Architected Framework from Amazon. This empowers organizations to implement best architectural practices to reduce risk and create efficient applications.
  • AWS Instructor. This program helps companies establish and distinguish their company as an authorized AWS trainer.

Marketing programs and other ways to differentiate AWS offerings

  • AWS Competency. This program helps businesses to market, identify and differentiate their products for AWS customers.
  • AWS Service Delivery. This program provides businesses with the necessary expertise to offer certain AWS services to their customers, for example, running serverless software by using AWS Lambda to deploying managed secure, safe, reliable and highly-performing Windows-based applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Windows.
  • AWS Service ready. This program validates software developed by AWS Partners who work with certain AWS services. This certification aids AWS Partners with the global promotion of their services.
  • AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP). This program confirms the experience for AWS Partners and assists them in being able to provide complete business solutions for AWS customers. To earn this distinction AWS Partners AWS Partner must pass an thorough and independent audit to confirm the technical and health of their company.
  • AWS Database Freedom. This program is targeted at independent software providers (ISVs). It allows the modernization of their software so they are able to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • AWS public Sector. This program is a validator of AWS Partners in the public sector, based on their experience in government as well as space, education and non-profit efforts around the world.
  • Autority to Operate (ATO) on AWS. This program aids AWS Partners meet and accelerate their customers’ security, privacy and compliance requirements. The global customers are likely to belong to various industries, including privacy, healthcare national security, financial services.
  • Amazon Web Services Think Big For the Small Business. This program is designed to provide assistance for minority or small-owned public sector companies.

Programmes for selling and growing using AWS

  • APN Customer Engagement (ACE). This program allows companies to collaborate and sell using AWS.
  • AWS Distribution. This program provides companies with opportunities to earn revenue through helping them sell AWS products and services through working together with AWS distributors.
  • AWS Global Startup. This invitation-only program is designed for mid-to-late-stage companies which are ready for scaling. Development managers from partner companies who have deep AWS knowledge are assigned to qualifying startups.
  • AWS ISV Accelerate. This is a co-selling program targeted at businesses which offer software applications that work on or are integrated with AWS. It assists in accelerating sales by linking ISVs to AWS Sales. AWS Sales organization.
  • AWS Solution Provider. This program helps MSPs, system integrators value-added resellers as well as public sector companies sell and provide AWS solutions directly to end-users and customers.
  • AWS ISV Workload migration. This program targets AWS Partners that have a SaaS service available on AWS and assists them to drive and implement work load migrations.

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