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AWS Lambda, a Function-as-a-Service platform, empowers you to execute code of any complexity with remarkable speed and scalability. It’s the preferred choice for crafting serverless applications, eliminating the burden of server management and infrastructure provisioning. With Lambda’s concurrent processing capabilities, you can achieve remarkable performance enhancements while enjoying cost savings through its pay-as-you-go model.


Comprinno is your trusted partner in leveraging AWS Lambda to execute code faster, enhance performance, and flawlessly scale to meet any demand, at optimal cost.

Key Benefits

Transform your development process, modernize your applications, and supercharge code performance while embracing innovation with AWS Lambda

Effortless Server Management

Lambda takes care of deploying your code efficiently and handles maintenance tasks, patching, and continuous monitoring. Focus on your code; Lambda manages the servers.

Automated Scaling

Lambda's event-driven parallel code processing makes scaling applications and functions a breeze. Scale up or down in response to demand without breaking a sweat.

High Availability

AWS Lambda ensures high availability with built-in fault tolerance mechanisms. Compute capacity spans availability zones, providing uninterrupted service and superior performance.

Optimal Cost Control

Lambda's millisecond metering, elimination of idle server time, and pay-as-you-go model mean you only pay for compute time. No hidden costs for the maintenance of associated processes and tools.

Use Cases for AWS Lambda

Web services

Seamlessly build web applications that automatically scale and operate in a highly available configuration.

IoT Device Management

Streamline IoT device management by using AWS Lambda to process device data, perform real-time analysis, and trigger actions based on device events.

Machine Learning

Utilize AWS Lambda to preprocess data for machine learning models at scale without the hassle of provisioning or infrastructure management.

Data Processing

Respond to triggers like data changes, system state shifts, or user actions with Lambda.

Chatbots and Voice Assistants

AWS Lambda can process natural language queries, integrate with databases or external services, and provide instant responses through chat or voice interfaces, enhancing user experiences.

Real-time Image and Video Processing

AWS Lambda can be employed to process and transform images and videos in real time.

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We have partnered with multitude of businesses to provide innovative cloud solutions. Our engineers combine knowledge of cutting-edge technology, experience with various platforms, frameworks and tools and innovation to achieve measurable results with every project.

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Case Studies

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Octate Opts for Modernized Workloadswith Amazon EKS
Octate, a prominent Social B2B marketplace firm, is renowned for providing a comprehensive solution to both buyers and vendors
BoAt's Strategic Alliance with Comprinno for Robust Infrastructure Management
BoAt is the world's 2nd largest wearable brand and India’s No.1 Earwear brand. Company offers its various products for sale on its web portal and mobile app.
Synaptic Modernizes infrastructure with Well-Architected EKS Package
Synaptic specializes in data analytics and alternative data solutions, offering actionable insights about private and public companies on a no-code platform.
Fibe collaborates with Comprinno to build a resilient architecture
Fibe (formerly EarlySalary) is one of India's leading consumer lending apps focused on young working professionals. Their mission is to create a financial ecosystem that helps mid-income groups fulfill their aspirations and drive affordability at scale.
Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS
A pioneer in user-friendly communication platforms, CometChat empowers websites and applications with seamless text chat, voice, and video functionalities.
A Winning Formula: LightMetrics and Comprinno’s Collaboration for Operational Brilliance
LightMetrics revolutionizes commercial fleets with RideView video telematics
Youvah’s journey to efficiency with AWS infrastructure adoption
Youvah is India's First Internship Platform for teenagers. They are an IIM Bangalore Incubated
Highway Delite adopts a resilient AWS architecture
Highway Delite is a pioneering travel app specifically designed
Pando: Building a Resilient Infrastructure
Pando, a leading global supply chain technology company, is renowned
Skill-Lync migrates to AWS from Digital Ocean
Skill-Lync offers industry-relevant advanced engineering courses for engineering students
Leher migrates to AWS
Leher provides tools to creators for hosting exclusive communities
ISO 27001 compliant architecture
ISO 27001 compliant AWS infrastructure architected by Comprinno
Secure AWS architecture with data localization
FinTech company allies with Comprinno to clear data localization audit
GigsBoard migrates to AWS with assistance from Comprinno
Bigyellowfish Technologies
Bigyellowfish engages with Comprinno to conduct a Well-Architected Review
Klub fortifies its AWS Cloud infrastructure by partnering with Comprinno
Neural Hive
Neural Hive launches its cloud journey by partnering with AWS and Comprinno
AyuRythm gears up for high demand volumes for its wellness app
FinTech case study
Asia’s largest Fintech company partners with Comprinno for a PCI DSS Compliant infrastructure
DynamoDB Cost Optimization For boAt
AWS inter-region migration in record time during Covid-19 lockdown period
Cutting edge cloud technology solution for India’s leading healthcare service provider
Mantle Labs  
High-Speed Satellite Image Processing for a Partner Geobotanic AI Platform
Distributed database that is optimized for Partner handling heavy workloads for an AI platform
AWS Workspace-based virtual office for a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO)
Secure CRM access to WFH telemarketer during Covid-19 lockdown

Trusted by the best

we’ve seen a remarkable improvement
Since implementing Tevico, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in our cloud governance. The automated features have saved us valuable time and resources, while the continuous monitoring ensures our AWS infrastructure is always in top shape. Highly recommend Tevico for any organisation serious about optimising their cloud operations.
Tevico’s minimalistic user interface.
I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Tevico’s minimalistic user interface. It’s incredibly intuitive, allowing me to effortlessly pinpoint actionable insights on cost, security, and more. With Tevico, staying on top of my AWS cloud’s health and performance has never been easier.
Rajendra Khare, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, SureWaves
“AWS Well-Architected Framework Review is a thoroughly crafted process. I specifically appreciate the structured, logical and fast-paced approach that the Comprinno team offered. SureWaves was able to guarantee a fantastic customer experience by conducting WAFR with Comprinno. “
Deepak Bansal, Assistant Vice President Technology, Klubworks 
“ It was a great experience working with an experienced Comprinno team who have in-depth understanding of DevOps and Cloud ecosystem. With the WAFR program, we could enhance our understanding of the security best practices along with being audit ready.”
Kundan Krishna, Chief Technology Architect, BigYellowFish Technologies
“Comprinno executed WAFR and the resulting remediations smoothly. Comprinno has fantastic AWS cloud expertise which helps in adherence to timelines.“
Comprinno was very helpful in our migration from Azure to AWS…
Comprinno was very helpful in our migration from Azure to AWS. Helped us in suggesting AWS services and in making certain design choices in deployment of microservices.
We would certainly recommend Comprinno to other companies…
Comprinno took care of the infrastructure setup and shared with us working prototypes which our team could build upon easily. We could finish ambitious projects quickly and focus on building our own products. Would certainly recommend Comprinno to other companies.
They are very adaptive to our needs – in coming up with a solution…
Comprinno knows their technical competencies and consults well within that spectrum. They are very adaptive to our needs – in coming up with a solution, execution, and our style of work.
We highly recommend them as they have helped us automate our entire cloud…
Comprinno has expert cloud solutions architects. We highly recommend them as they have helped us automate our entire cloud deployment. Their Tevico tool provides excellent real-time monitoring.
They have an excellent team of engineers who are well versed with AWS services…
Comprinno team has provided good support for the initial set-up of our Infrastructure. They have an excellent team of engineers who are well versed with AWS services. I appreciate the efforts that were put in to meet our timeframes.
Ephicacy appreciates Comprinno’s technical expertise, business professionalism…
Comprinno technologies have been our cloud partners aiding us move from rack-based servers to cloud; Ephicacy appreciates Comprinno’s technical expertise, business professionalism and service ethics. Comprinno has been providing IT services across geographies – US and APAC for Ephicacy.

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