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Startup Security Baseline

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startup Security Baseline (SSB) is a set of controls that create a minimum foundation for businesses to build securely on AWS without decreasing their agility. The controls are designed with early startups in mind, mitigating the most common security risks. They form the basis of your security posture and are focused on securing credentials, enabling logging and visibility, managing contact information, and implementing basic data boundaries

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How it Works

Qualify for SSB Package

AWS is offering the Security Baselining program specifically for startups. Many times, startups adopt the cloud but miss out on implementing security controls. This program offers to close the basic security gaps to avoid any security mishaps.

Perform Security Baseline Checks

Once you qualify for the program, we will check and implement a set of 12 basic security controls that mitigate the most common security risks. As the organization grows or to address the needs of larger enterprises, you can scale and build upon these controls.

Sign off with a Secure AWS account

Within a week of signing the contract for Startup Security Baseline Package, we will implement the security controls and form a foundation for your security posture. You are now protected against the basic security threats.

Package Benefits

Security baselining for AWS account

Better identity management

Enabling of logging and monitoring

Set up of alerts for budget overrun

Why Comprinno?

Our team of AWS Security Specialists and Solution Architects have a rich experience of performing security assessments, helping customers with compliant environments, providing AWS-specific security guidance and engineering, security review & remediation, foundational AWS security services, best practices, and general security advisory services.

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Get in touch with us to check whether you qualify for the free Startup Security Baseline program. Once your application for the program is approved, you will sign the Statement of Work (SOW).

Baseline Security

We begin your digital transformation by gathering information, analyzing and understanding your current application portfolio. Our team will identify gaps and implement the foundational security controls as per the package.

Sign off on the project

The security baselining will be completed within a week from signing the SOW. You will now sign off on the project and be assured that foundational security controls are in place for your AWS account.

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