Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS

About Customer:

A pioneer in user-friendly communication platforms, CometChat empowers websites and applications with seamless text chat, voice, and video functionalities. At the forefront of modern communication solutions, CometChat Inc., an innovator in the tech landscape, stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. With an impressive global network of over 50,000 developers, CometChat has solidified its position as a trusted partner for businesses across diverse industries. CometChat provides its chat services to enterprises, as well as well-known businesses like

Executive Summary

CometChat, a frontrunner in providing user-friendly communication platforms, facilitates seamless text, voice, and video chat features for developers enhancing websites and applications. CometChat collaborated with Comprinno to adopt a modernized infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Recognizing the need for a modernized infrastructure, CometChat partnered with Comprinno to migrate to Amazon ECS. This strategic move aimed to enhance scalability and performance, addressing the requirement of handling terabytes of data streaming from their chat services.The guidance provided by Comprinno signifies CometChat's commitment to innovation and delivering flawless customer experiences in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS


Comprinno designed a resilient and scalable architecture, leveraging Amazon ECS for efficient container orchestration.
Amazon ECS, as a fully managed container orchestration service, offered a dynamic environment for deploying and scaling containerized applications. It provided features such as auto-scaling, load balancing, and seamless integration with other AWS services, making it an ideal solution for handling CometChat's diverse data sources.
In this solution, the ECS clusters were configured to accommodate the specific requirements of each service, optimizing resource allocation and performance. The containerized workloads were seamlessly orchestrated within their designated ECS clusters, ensuring efficient operation and resource utilization.

Efficient Data Processing: The ECS architecture facilitated the efficient processing of data generated from various sources. The containerized workloads could seamlessly communicate and process data within their designated ECS clusters, promoting smooth data flow and real-time responsiveness.

Security Measures: Application and database were deployed in private subnets within VPC. All security best practices like implementation of security groups, data encryption at rest and in transit and robust access control using IAM, were implemented. This ensured that sensitive information was safeguarded, and only authorized personnel had access to the data, aligning with CometChat's commitment to data security.

Resilient Architecture: The architecture utilizes multiple Availability Zones (AZs) within AWS regions to achieve high availability. By spreading resources across AZs, the system can continue functioning even if one AZ becomes unavailable. Load balancers are implemented to distribute traffic across instances and AZs, ensuring redundancy and fault tolerance. In Amazon ECS, unhealthy tasks/container are automatically detected and replaced, with restarts occurring across the AZs within the AWS Region. AWS services like Auto Scaling Groups monitors container health and proactively replace or redistribute resources in the event of failures. This automated recovery process minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted availability without the need for manual intervention.

Infrastructure Automation: Infrastructure provisioning and management were automated using Terraform, enhancing efficiency and agility. This automation streamlined the deployment of new infrastructure components, ensuring a quick and reliable setup.

Monitoring and Insights: CloudWatch Dashboards provided real-time insights into the ECS clusters, enabling proactive management and monitoring. This comprehensive visibility into the infrastructure allowed for quick response to any potential issues, contributing to the overall reliability of the system.
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): CI/CD pipeline was built for automated deployments. Deployment is triggered whenever code is committed to GitHub repository. AWS CodeBuild was used for building the docker image and then the image was pushed to AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry). The built-in capability of ECR to scan docker images for known vulnerabilities was leveraged and the pipeline proceeds to deployment only when no Critical OR High severity vulnerabilities are reported by ECR. A notification alert was setup using AWS SNS to report developers about the failed pipeline.

Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS


 ● Seamless Scalability: CometChat achieved flawless scalability by leveraging Amazon ECS for container orchestration. The ECS clusters dynamically scaled to accommodate varying data demands, ensuring uninterrupted chat services without any downtime. This elastic scalability allowed CometChat to effortlessly expand its capabilities in response to surges in data volume.

Cost-Efficiency: Amazon ECS provided cost optimization benefits for CometChat. The serverless nature of ECS clusters eliminated unnecessary charges for provisioned nodes, and internal data transfers were managed efficiently. This cost-effective approach allowed CometChat to optimize its infrastructure expenses while ensuring optimal performance.

Real-Time Insights: Leveraging Amazon CloudWatch, CometChat gained real-time insights into the performance of ECS clusters. This monitoring capability empowered swift responses to chat demands, enabling CometChat to deliver instantaneous responses to users. The processing capabilities of ECS contributed to the real-time monitoring and management of the entire chat environment.

Managed Service: CometChat benefited from Amazon ECS's fully managed service, which handled the underlying infrastructure and orchestration complexities. This allowed CometChat to focus on developing and delivering its chat application without worrying about managing servers or scaling infrastructure. With ECS managing tasks such as provisioning, scaling, and monitoring of containers, CometChat could allocate more resources towards enhancing its chat features and user experience.

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Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS
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