Secure CRM access to WFH telemarketer during Covid-19 lockdown

CreditMantri is a Digital Credit facilitator. Their technology platform empowers borrowers and lenders to make efficient credit decisions. CreditMantri works with over 47+ lenders and offers 50+ credit products and services. Their telemarketing teams operate from multiple cities in India. During Covid-19 lockdown, they needed a fast and cost effective solution to enable them to work from home with secure access to CRM.


•︎ IP whitelisting of AWS hosted CRM Application for 300+ telemarketers who would now work from home

• Two factor authentication to strengthen the identity check

• Self-service option to add and update individual IP addresses

• Enforcing user authentication at regular intervals to re-establish the identity and hence the  security

• Simple and easy user experience considering telemarketers are not tech savvy

• Scalable design which can support addition of many more users



• Self-service web application that allows telemarketer to whitelist the public IP address on demand

• Enforcement of SMS-based authentication leveraging MFA feature of Amazon Cognito

• AWS lambda based APIs to facilitate inserts and updates of Security Group rules to activate the whitelisting

• Periodic cleanup of older access rules to impose the user reauthentication

• Web-based application for the faster delivery of the solution and the ease of user access

• Based on highly scalable and native AWS services like Congnito, AWS Lambda and AWS S3

• Extremely cost effective through minuscule pre-provisioned infrastructure and the greater reliance on server-less offering

• Rapid solution development by a joint team of experienced DevOps and AppDev engineers






• CreditMantri could efficiently respond to the fast changing scenario of Covid-19 lockdown

• They could minimize the business operations impact without compromising on the   security

• They saved a considerable cost and time by avoiding conventional options like VPN solutions

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