High-Speed Satellite Image Processing for a Partner Geobotanic AI Platform
Mantle Labs  

About Mantle Labs

Mantle Labs has a software platform which can process billions of pixels of image data simultaneously from multiple satellites. It enables closer look at vegetation health, soil moisture, climate impact and human activities on the surface of the earth. They often need to process continent-scale landmass. Mantle Labs needed a computing infrastructure which can drastically reduce the image processing time and the cost

We are able to run our AI engines at blazing fast speeds across on-demand server grids enabling us to cut down the time required for creation of business indices for an entiontinent from approximately 10 hours to less than 8 mins.


Swapnil Baokar,
Co-Founder & Director, Mantle Labs

Solution Architecture

Mantle Labs  
Mantle Labs  


  •  Ultra-fast image processing; 75 times faster at 45% reduced cost
  •  Just-In-Time infra provisioning via automation framework
  •  Dynamic scaling allows large-scale processing without human intervention

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