AWS inter-region migration in record time during Covid-19 lockdown period

About Healthvista India Pvt. Ltd. (Portea)

Healthvista is a leading home healthcare pioneer and the fastest growing provider of in-home medical care in India. They, through their portal provide 24/7 healthcare services in major Indian cities. In anticipation of India’s Personal Data Protection Act, Portea’s Singapore setup needed migration to the AWS Mumbai region.


  •  Migration of the legacy systems.
  •  Network isolation of staging environment from the production environment.
  •  4TB+ Database migration and synchronization.
  •  40+ workloads migration and rewiring.
  •  Thin switchover window with strict timeline.
  •  No in-person interaction due to Covid-19 lockdown.
    (Project Timeline: 16-March to 21-April )


  • Detailed mapping analysis and dependency planning avoided legacy system migration issue.
  • Network ACL based IP range blacklisting rules were cleverly used to isolate the staging environment.
  • Tactical use of EBS snapshots and RSync utility were helpful in migrating and synchronizing large database.
  • Skilful VPC design helped minimise the network rewiring hurdles.
  • Continuous synchronisation of staging and production environment reduced the switchover time to near zero.
  • Frequent communication via video calls, screen sharing sessions, virtual daily stand-ups and progress reports helped build customer confidence and trust.
  • Surprisingly, Covid-19 lockdown helped gain more time and execution speed.


Portea is now confident about their readiness for the Personal Data Protection Act. Proactive migration to the Indian AWS region reconfirmed their commitment towards ensuring the responsible and secure collection, use and sharing of personal data. Network reorganisation has greatly enhanced Portea’s security posture. New design reduces the DMZ (Demilitarisation Zone) presence to the minimum possible level.

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