Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR)—a vital war against cloud inadequacies

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Cloud computing is a digital wonderland, in which you can get as lost as Alice. Unfortunately, unlike fiction, in the real world, you might just wake up to the unpleasant reality of an unexpectedly high cloud spend or worse, a security breach. Employing best practices as a standard operating procedure is key to success in any endeavour and cloud is no exception. However, navigating a complex system of cloud computing is no small feat and you run the risk of degrading the user experience.


How therefore can you ensure that your AWS cloud makes use of all the best practices available?


“The Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) is how AWS uses best practices to make sure that cloud architectures and applications are designed, built, and run in a safe and effective way.”


AWS WAFR was launched in 2015 to help you review workloads against architectural best practices, and across pillars such as operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. It helps you understand the pros and cons of the decisions you make while building systems on AWS.


Let’s take a quick look at what the six pillars of a well-architected framework hope to accomplish.




You need to have a level of expertise when going through a well-architected framework review; otherwise, you can easily get lost in jargon. Comprinno is an AWS Well-Architected Partner committed to helping companies navigate the cloud without stress.




Comprinno is also an AWS Technology Partner offering Tevico – an AWS Marketplace SaaS product, for cloud governance.


Through our experience in conducting WAFRs, we have come up with an easy, simple, effective, and efficient way of conducting reviews through Tevico. Launching WAFR in Tevico was an attempt to rethink the well-architected framework evaluations and make them more approachable and enjoyable.




We intend to make the review an experience that you would want to immerse in repeatedly! With Tevico, Well-Architected Reviews are more fun.




Here are a few businesses that put their faith in Comprinno for their Well-Architected Cloud journey:



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