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Pallavi Khopkar

AWS cloud infrastructure security is crucial for the Ed-tech industry to secure academic materials ensuring access only to the right people. Securing personal data of students and job applicants is also critical.

A leading career upgrade brand by Edutech giant (hereby referred to as customer) is focused on helping working professionals develop careers via online learning, tests and job opportunities.


Customer had infrastructure set up on AWS cloud however AWS security best practices were not implemented.


Comprinno with its thought leadership offered by AWS certified Security Specialists, built a secure AWS cloud infrastructure adhering to AWS security best practices.

Below were the highlights of the secure infrastructure solution:

  • Separate AWS accounts for production and non-production environments set up via AWS Organization.
  • VPC architecture for a new environment with public and private subnets.

  • EC2 instances, RDS, Redshift and Lambda function migrated to private subnet.
  • Enabled Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for root account.
  • Migrated IAM users to AWS Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Enabled data encryption at rest for EBS volumes and AWS S3 buckets.
  • Enabled logging for application load balancers.
  • Enabled CloudTrail and Guard Duty.
  • Alarms for root credential usage and unauthorized access.
  • IaC code using Terraform for creating infrastructure was used.


  • A secure infrastructure with restricted public access was created on AWS cloud.
  • Separating production from non-production environments avoided inadvertent access to the production region.
  • Alerting for unauthorized access enabled quick response.
  • IaC brought in faster speed and consistency in deployment of infrastructure.

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