Edutech and AWS

Pallavi Khopkar

Colleges and universities are digitally transforming with cost-effective, scalable, secure, and flexible Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure. With AWS, you can support teaching and learning, connect the campus community, make data-driven decisions to save money and resources, and accelerate research efforts.

One of the major challenges for Ed-tech sector is stringent security requirement. Data confidentiality, integrity and availability are some of the requirements in this industry. Regulatory compliances like ISO 27001, SOC1/SOC2 need to be adhered to. AWS has breadth and depth of security offerings that help you meet your security control objectives.

Identity and Access Management: Grant users and applications, access to resources in your AWS accounts, with robust identity management and permissions in place.

Infrastructure Protection: Infrastructure protection ensures that systems and services within your workload are protected against unintended and unauthorized access, and potential vulnerabilities.

Data Protection: Data protection involves identifying and classifying the data and then using controls and patterns to keep data confidential while preserving its integrity and availability, at rest and in transit.

Detection: Incident detection is about identifying a security event through automated alerting, internal auditing to examine controls and lifecycle controls to establish operational baselines.

Incident Response: Incident response defines how the processes need to be in place to respond to and mitigate the potential impact of security incidents.

Compliance: AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications, helping customers satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.

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