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Pallavi Khopkar

Amazon Web Services for education has revolutionized the way educational institutions function. As Edutech companies scale up, cloud usage increases, and so does the cost of running and maintenance.

Comprinno has specialized in cost optimization consulting for AWS cloud users.

Learn how Comprinno helped reduce costs for an Ed-tech company by up to 50%.


A leading coaching brand, was incurring high costs, for its cloud infrastructure. They were running their application on a stateless server.


  • Comprinno analyzed the major cost contributors using AWS Cost Explorer.
  • Resource metrics like CPU, Disk IO, Memory usage and traffic patterns were analyzed using AWS CloudWatch.
  • VPC flow logs analysis was done to identify network out charges for inter AZ/region/accounts.

Based on the information gathered, optimal capacity requirement for resources was determined and below changes were implemented.

  • Switched 50% of EC2 instances from on-demand to reserved instances.
  • Of the remaining on-demand instances, 70% were converted to spot instances.
  • All EC2 instances and RDS database were right sized.
  • Compute Savings plan was introduced wherein up to 70% costs were saved on the on-demand instances.  
  • Thorough testing was done to ensure that sudden surge in traffic could be handled without throttling.
  • Cost was optimized by bringing resources in same region and same accounts. For high availability multi-AZ environment was retained.
  • Lambda function was introduced to schedule auto start and stop for EC2 instances for development region so that no costs were incurred when the instances were unused.
  • Notifications were sent on Slack for any long running development EC2 instances running for more than 24 hours.   


Comprinno was able to achieve an overall cost reduction of about 50% for the customer.

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