Modernization of applications with microservice architecture using Amazon EKS

Pallavi Khopkar

In a monolithic architecture all processes are tightly coupled and run as a single service. In monoliths, single process failure can make the entire application unavailable or a spike in demand would mean scaling up the entire architecture.


In contrast, with a microservices architecture, an application is built as independent components that run each application process as a service and communicate via APIs. Microservices bring in benefits like agility, flexible scaling, easy deployments and resilience.


Why modernize:

  1. Save costs by reducing operations burden, underutilization of compute and storage
  2. Increase agility by instantly scaling for a rise in demand
  3. Develop and deploy applications with greater efficiency

AWS EKS and microservice architecture:

You can modernize your applications with microservice architecture using Amazon EKS.

Comprinno has helped a leading Fintech business modernize their UPI payments and rewards applications and helped speed up time to market, increase innovation and improve reliability.



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