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We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your operations through Enterprise DevOps and Cloud Native Computing.

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We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your operations through Enterprise DevOps and Cloud Native Computing.



We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your


We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your


We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

Amazon EC2 Spot

We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

AWS Graviton

We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

Amazon MSK

We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

Amazon API Gateway

We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

AWS Lambda

We help businesses innovate faster by modernizing your

Your Own Cloud Partner

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting and Technology Partner. Through us you get access to an array of AWS programs, thereby fast-tracking your technology adoption journey. Our experts, along with AWS SMEs, can help you design, develop and deploy most efficient cloud solutions. Moreover, you stand to benefit from AWS credit programs too.

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Case Studies

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Octate Opts for Modernized Workloadswith Amazon EKS
Octate, a prominent Social B2B marketplace firm, is renowned for providing a comprehensive solution to both buyers and vendors
BoAt's Strategic Alliance with Comprinno for Robust Infrastructure Management
BoAt is the world's 2nd largest wearable brand and India’s No.1 Earwear brand. Company offers its various products for sale on its web portal and mobile app.
Synaptic Modernizes infrastructure with Well-Architected EKS Package
Synaptic specializes in data analytics and alternative data solutions, offering actionable insights about private and public companies on a no-code platform.
Fibe collaborates with Comprinno to build a resilient architecture
Fibe (formerly EarlySalary) is one of India's leading consumer lending apps focused on young working professionals. Their mission is to create a financial ecosystem that helps mid-income groups fulfill their aspirations and drive affordability at scale.
Cometchat modernizes its infrastructure using Amazon ECS
A pioneer in user-friendly communication platforms, CometChat empowers websites and applications with seamless text chat, voice, and video functionalities.
A Winning Formula: LightMetrics and Comprinno’s Collaboration for Operational Brilliance
LightMetrics revolutionizes commercial fleets with RideView video telematics
Youvah’s journey to efficiency with AWS infrastructure adoption
Youvah is India's First Internship Platform for teenagers. They are an IIM Bangalore Incubated
Highway Delite adopts a resilient AWS architecture
Highway Delite is a pioneering travel app specifically designed
Pando: Building a Resilient Infrastructure
Pando, a leading global supply chain technology company, is renowned
Skill-Lync migrates to AWS from Digital Ocean
Skill-Lync offers industry-relevant advanced engineering courses for engineering students
Leher migrates to AWS
Leher provides tools to creators for hosting exclusive communities
ISO 27001 compliant architecture
ISO 27001 compliant AWS infrastructure architected by Comprinno
Secure AWS architecture with data localization
FinTech company allies with Comprinno to clear data localization audit
GigsBoard migrates to AWS with assistance from Comprinno
Bigyellowfish Technologies
Bigyellowfish engages with Comprinno to conduct a Well-Architected Review
Klub fortifies its AWS Cloud infrastructure by partnering with Comprinno
Neural Hive
Neural Hive launches its cloud journey by partnering with AWS and Comprinno
AyuRythm gears up for high demand volumes for its wellness app
FinTech case study
Asia’s largest Fintech company partners with Comprinno for a PCI DSS Compliant infrastructure
DynamoDB Cost Optimization For boAt
AWS inter-region migration in record time during Covid-19 lockdown period
Cutting edge cloud technology solution for India’s leading healthcare service provider
Mantle Labs  
High-Speed Satellite Image Processing for a Partner Geobotanic AI Platform
Distributed database that is optimized for Partner handling heavy workloads for an AI platform
AWS Workspace-based virtual office for a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO)
Secure CRM access to WFH telemarketer during Covid-19 lockdown

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Frequently asked questions

Yes Definitely there are some tools that can help you in adoption of Spot instances:

  • Spot Blueprints Dynamic infrastructure code generator, providing best-practice reference architecture on EC2 Spot usage with AWS services
  • Attribute Based Instance Selection Rather than selecting specific instance types, this tool allows you to provision capacity on instance attributes (such as CPU/Memory) depending on requirements, also supporting new instances as soon as they become available.
  • Find the optimal location (Reg/AZ) for your workload. You provide the resource & capacity requirements and SPS recommends locations (Reg/AZ) and the likelihood of getting the capacity you need.
  • Enables chaos engineering and supports imitation of Spot interruptions, enabling you to prove the resilience of workloads running on Spot.

Savings can be substantial, often up to 90% compared to On-Demand pricing. However, the exact savings depend on factors like instance type, region, and current demand.

You can maintain availability by using Spot Fleet, a feature that automatically distributes your workload across multiple Spot Instances, Availability Zones, and instance types to minimize the risk of interruption.

Spot Instances can be interrupted if the capacity is needed elsewhere. To handle this gracefully, you can use tools like Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling to replace interrupted instances or save work progress before termination, ensuring minimal disruption to your application.