Comprinno Technologies Achieves

AWS Database Migration Service and AWS Config Service Delivery Badges

9th May, 2024

Comprinno Technologies is delighted to announce its recent achievement of attaining the AWS Database Migration Service and AWS Config Service Delivery badges. These badges underscore our expertise and dedication to providing holistic cloud solutions to our clients, further solidifying our position as a leading AWS Advanced Services Partner.

The attainment of the AWS Database Migration Service Delivery badge reflects our proficiency in seamlessly migrating databases to AWS, enabling organizations to utilize the full power of the cloud. Our comprehensive database migration solutions ensure minimal downtime, data integrity, and optimized performance, empowering businesses to modernize their infrastructure efficiently. Comprinno is also an AWS Migration Competency Partner and the AWS Database Migration Service Delivery badge further solidifies our position as a leader in providing migration services.

Additionally, achieving the AWS Config Service Delivery badge demonstrates our commitment to implementing robust configuration management and compliance solutions for AWS environments. We help clients automate configuration assessment, track resource changes, and enforce policies, enhancing security and governance across their cloud infrastructure.

As a trusted AWS partner, Comprinno Technologies remains dedicated to delivering innovative cloud services that drive business growth and agility. Our team of experts is committed to providing unparalleled support and guidance to help organizations harness the full potential of AWS, from migration and architecture design to ongoing management and optimization.

Prasad, CEO of Comprinno Technologies, commented, “Comprinno continues to set new benchmarks in service excellence, evident in our recent attainment of AWS DMS and Config Service delivery badges. With a total of five SDP badges this year, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

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