Comprinno Technologies Attains 

Amazon Systems Manager Service Delivery

19th April, 2024

Comprinno Technologies proudly announces that we have successfully attained the Amazon Systems Manager Service Delivery. This attainment demonstrates our technical expertise in implementing and managing Systems Manager solutions, providing clients with exceptional benefits such as improved automation, streamlined operations, and fortified security protocols.

As an AWS Advanced Services Partner, Comprinno is committed to providing exceptional cloud services for businesses around the world. From cloud migration to architecture design and managed services, Comprinno enables organizations to take advantage of the full potential of AWS, driving agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Achieving AWS Systems Manager Service Delivery is an indication of our expertise in providing Managed Services solutions, simplifying and automating management tasks. This includes centralized management of resources, automation of patching and configuration management, enhanced security compliance, and real-time monitoring and seamless integration with other AWS services.


Comprinno offers Tevico, a SaaS product designed to assist businesses with AWS cloud governance. Tevico integrates with AWS Systems Manager to enable workflow automation for EC2 instances. This integration allows users to automate tasks based on predefined or periodical conditions. Predefined conditions, such as CPU utilization or specific time intervals, can be configured to trigger task execution within Tevico. Additionally, tasks can be initiated based on custom metrics selected by users, providing flexibility in managing AWS resources efficiently.

“Our commitment to excellence is once again proven by this recognition. We stand committed to continue delivering exceptional value and results, empowering businesses to excel. With our Managed Services and our product Tevico, we oversee the operational aspects, allowing businesses to concentrate on their strategic objectives.”