Our Five Core Service to Accelerate your Innovation
Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Comprinno helps enterprises migrate to cloud-native architecture and adopt modern software development methods to expedite time-to-market and enhance organisational agility. We help migrate your workloads to the cloud platforms, exercising a value-driven approach to re-architecting and modernising applications during the migration. We assist with the strategic aspects of migrating to the cloud, including the platform and determining the tooling options, and in terms of complete TCO and business case construction.

Enterprise DevOps Transformation

Comprinno helps companies to take advantage of innovative strategies to software delivery and IT operations at acceleration and scale. This entails revamping operating methods and assisting companies in adopting DevOps culture which is a lean, value-driven operating design. Comprinno provisions essential automation so that applications and infrastructure can be run at optimal level, boosting security without adding uncertainty. We deploy well hardened procedures, data-driven capability and business case structure to elevate large organisations’ IT delivery ability.

DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Comprinno helps you to enhance and contemporise your approach to IT security, addressing application, and platform security issues at an early stage in the development phase and by adopting more automation. This blend enables enterprises to develop swiftly, securely and minimise your exposure to the risk . Security is also a principal matter for enterprises switching to the cloud, who require confidence that their platforms and data are safe. Comprinno helps you to design and develop - highly secure application build, deployment and operation platforms in the cloud.

Cloud Native Software Development

Comprinno helps you move to cloud-native architecture and software development methodologies to speed-up time-to-market and enhance organisational agility. We also help transform through the development of API platforms, microservices, and serverless architecture. It can be implemented as an application modernisation drive, or as a part of the build rearcticture efforts.

Data Platforms & Analytics

Comprinno helps you develop Data Analytics, Insight and AI/ML platforms leveraging cloud infrastructure and services. We support companies to derive data from silos and legacy data warehouses, move to more effective and powerful real-time solutions , permitting developers, data scientists and data analysts to build a competing position. Comprinno introduces best practices and build the platform rapidly enabling you to concentrate on the data and empower your next best innovation.