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Have you encountered these challenges
when setting up Kubernetes?

Complex Kubernetes cluster management

Scaling difficulties

Security concerns

Challenging integrations with AWS services

High costs

Troubleshooting challenges

Complexity in managing Kubernetes setup

Scaling challenges

Security concerns

Difficulty in integrating with other AWS services

High-cost perplexity

Challenges in troubleshooting issues

Avail Our Pre-Crafted
EKS Package

Our solution offers a pre-crafted, Well-Architected Amazon EKS deployment package that includes best practices for cluster setup, standard EKS deployments, prebuilt CI/CD, monitoring, alerting, tracing, logging, and infrastructure as code. The package also includes two environment setups (UAT and Production), support for in-place EKS version upgrades, and go-live support.

We Provide Proven Solutions

Risks of EKS setup by novices

Comprinno's EKS Package

Benefits of the Package

Modernization using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Hassle-Free Configuration and deployment of EKS Cluster

Faster EKS adoption

Inclusion of CI/CD Pipieline

Monitoring and Tracing enabled

Alerting mechanism

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Simplifying Amazon EKS Adoption With Comprinno’s Pre-Crafted Well-Architected EKS Package

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Frequently asked questions

Comprinno is a professional services firm that helps customers of all sizes envision, design, architect, build, migrate, test, secure, manage, and optimize their workloads and applications on AWS. We have a robust team of AWS certified professionals, Solution Architects and Security Specialists who will provide you with cloud solutions tailored to meet your desired business outcomes and maximize your results.

DevOps involves lean, value-driven operating pattern and entails adoption of modern operating methods. Comprinno assists companies to forge path-breaking approaches to software delivery and IT operations at pace and scale using DevOps strategy.

Yes, Comprinno can conduct Proof of Concept to determine migration feasibility before actual migration.

Comprinno can conduct Well Architected Reviews helping customers to adhere to cloud best practices and optimize costs or improve efficiency wherever possible.

Comprinno undertakes both short term DevOps projects focusing on migration, security, WAR , AWS Infrastructure setup and long term contracts where we work as your extended DevOps team.

Comprinno provides adhoc support for a single task based on bandwidth availability.